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.People want Collagen Elixir™. It's breaking sales records and disrupting the collagen market. Collagen is hot right now and they may have heard about it or maybe have tried other products. But when people see what Collagen Elixir does, they want those dramatic results. Do you want to be the one that shows them and helps them look and feel better?
Our referral program was designed to reward you generously for helping people find wellness products that really work. Here's a simple look at your rewards. This  example is with our most popular pak;
different paks have different bonuses.

Isagenix Partners With Its Customers For Word-Of-Mouth Advertising
If two of your friends order the Collagen Elixir™ Afterglow Bundle within 7 days after you order yours, you'll receive a $150 bonus + a $25 coupon for your next order + over $60 in free products.
If your friends each share with two of their friends, they get the same reward you did and you receive an additional $450 bonus!

In addition, you can continue to earn commissions on every reorder from the whole group for as long as you remain active. Amazing. These bonuses can become very large over time. If these bonuses interest you, ask for the full details or go here.

Everyone can get the same referral bonuses and can do this as many times as they like, although the 7 Day and 60 Day Crystal Bonuses only apply once.


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