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 Our Most Popular Collagen Elixir Pak
The Beauty Afterglow Bundle
Best Collagen Elixir Value

6 Boxes = 60 Bottles = 1 or 2 Month Supply
$225.00 @$3.75 per bottle
You save $39.00 plus additional shipping compared to ordering 3 boxes at time.
Many of our customers want the faster benefits of doubling up on Collagen Elixir for the entire first month, and some continue that regimen each month after. This pack gives you 60 bottles to optimize the results for your skin, hair, and nails, or use as 2 month supply.



The Beauty Bundle
4 Boxes = 1 Month Supply plus 10 Days
$167.00   @$4.18 per bottle
You save $9.00 compared to ordering 4 boxes.
Our customers have found that doubling up on Collagen Elixir for the first ten days increases the speed of your results. This pack gives you 40 bottles so you can see for yourself. And you’ll save money.



The Glow & Grow Collection
w/New Hair Revival For Best Total Value And Results

2 Month Supply Of Collagen Elixir and Hair Revival
$310.00 - Save a total of $52.00 on individual prices.
Collagen Elixir by itself offers great benefits for hair in addition to the results for your skin.

Our new Hair Revival by itself offers surprising benefits for your hair.
When you use both together, the results are faster and more noticeable.
Choose your level of results.



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Isagenix® is a family-owned award-winning
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You will be spoiled with perks, and great service.

There are Four Levels of Isagenix Accounts

1. Guest
Considered a one-time purchase. No account is created but can be on a future order if desired. Guests pay full retail price and shipping charges.

2. Customer - Membership is Free
Save 15% on all orders. Can participate in the Isagenix Subscription Rewards program for greater savings and benefits.
3. Subscription Rewards Customer - Membership is Free
Additional discounts available on Subscription orders.
Shipping is free on your first order with no minimum and $9.95 flat-rate shipping on subsequent Subscription Rewards orders. (an average savings of 30%)
Your products are shipped automatically each month. You have full control and can change the products you want and how often they should ship, and you can delay or cancel your Subscription order whenever you wish with just a click.
Access to exclusive discounts, promotions, and offers and early access to new and seasonal products.

4. Isagenix Associate - $29.00/yr.
A Customer who can earn cash commissions for referring new members.
Able to earn Product Introduction Bonuses (PIBs) of $10-$300 for referring new people to Isagenix who join with a qualifying purchase.
Able to earn very generous additional bonuses for continuing to refer new people.
Your own personalized Isagenix Store website & Back Office to enroll and track Customers & Associates, and access to expert tools, trainings, and support.
The Penny App  - An AI-powered Personal Assistant for people to simplify and streamline building an income with Isagenix.

All Customer Memberships Include:
The IsaLife App for iOS and Android - supports your wellbeing journey.
Access to health, wellness, and personal growth training.
Personal one-on-one support; you are not alone and that's why you'll succeed.
Global support with our Social Media Groups
for specific needs and age groups.
Toll-Free Ordering And Customer Care (in multiple languages)
An online Customer Account to manage your orders, track shipping, and receive special offers.

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